Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 57

Last Nights Caper
I raged in silence then fell asleep.

Day 57

Apparently I am meant to have gotten a DLC from Pete or something, hasn't happened yet... Give it to me now!

Anyway, today was Saturday so I had some free time, didn't play a lot of AC though.

Shrunk taught me agreement joke. I thought it was a nice addition saying an old friend taught it to him, I remember Frillard (that was his name, yeah?) teaching it to me in City Folk.

The Nooklings also had their first spotlight item in stock (I don't believe there was a notice on the bulletin board so guessing they've changed that.

I also got the golden axe from Leif, guess buying 50 saplings finally paid off.

After much consideration, I finally decided to pay off my mortgage so I could open up a new room. I went to speak with Nook after paying it off, and got him to build be a room to the right.

I then went back on in the evening to watch K.K. Slider perform, and he sang me K.K. Groove (do like this one).

Unrelated News
Nothing really going on. I have tried to fill up my encyclopedia (I believe I just need a piranha and a saddled bichir for the month... no luck). Other than that, nothing, so cya!


  1. Do you know how many saplings you have to buy? And does it matter which type of tree?

    1. It doesn't matter what kind of tree, it just has to be 50 saplings from Leif.

  2. Oooo u are lucky do u know how to get other golden stuff? btw wat is the spotlight item???

    1. >> Here's a good site that tells you how to get all the upgrades on tools.


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