Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 63

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Day 63
Hey guess what?! SUPER LONG POST TODAY. Get ready. Brace yourselves.

To kick it off, Katrina was in town. It's been a while since she's visited (I think??). I believe this is my 5th fortune from her, only 15 left until I can open her shop up in main street.

Welp! Mac came up to me and reminded me exactly why I want him to leave Skyfall - Sure, in Wild World I absolutely loved Kody and his jock personality, but Mac... He just seems to go over the top and wont be quiet about his workout routine, and then gets all upset when someone's better than him...

Yes, that's why you're getting the boot.

Shrunk taught me the final joke before the dance... I don't want these to end, even though his performances are horrible (at least most of them are), it seems like we're coming to the end of an era... Hopefully he does repeat performances once you've unlocked them all...

I then went to hit up the museum to donate the sculpture which arrived in the mail this morning. I honestly thought I had only donated a couple of paintings, but I have a fair few in there.

Skyfall's first sculpture - this shall go down in history

Back in town I seemed to be quiet the popular mayor today... Rosie wanted me to visit her house, and Julian wanted to invite himself over.

I really need to send villagers furniture so their houses look decent...

I then remembered I had a petition Bree wanted me to sign from forever ago (make cheese mandatory?). I asked Gandalf to open up his gate and I was on my way to Twinleaf. However, as soon as I got there, apparently the petition was worthless and had no value (guessing they expire after a day?). Oh well, whilst I was in Twinleaf I might as well look around.

This was one of his museum rooms, I really liked it.

I guess Harry was getting jealous from the amount of time Gandalf and I had been playing together lately, so he insisted I come over to Emble to take a look, so I did and Harry took me on the grand tour.

Both their towns were really nice, so thanks for letting me come visit. I've included more picture of Twinleaf and Emble at the end of this post - along with their dream addresses, so you can go check out their towns if you want.

As I got back to Skyfall, I decided I would build the lighthouse. After looking in original spot I was going to put it (I think I mentioned it the other day, the south eastern part of town?), I thought it looked a little out of place, so I think I'll leave that for the windmill (when I get it) or another public works project. Instead, I decided to place it down near the southern entrance to the beach, I think it'll look nice.

I forgot to mention this in yesterdays post, but when I was in Oasis, Rena let me check out main street. She had unlocked the T&T Emporium, which had some fertilizer in stock, which I ultimately decided to buy (anything to get me some more hybrids). After contemplating which flowers I wanted to use it on, I decided to use it on some pink roses, so I moved them to a free space in town, and buried the fertilizer between them. I don't know how long this stuff takes to work (a day?? idk), guess we'll find out soon - assuming it even works.

I then decided I should finish the hat, and finally open up the last room in my house. I'll work on expanding them later... I'm falling under 6,000,000 bells at the moment and I don't want to spend if on expanding my house (which reminds me, I was planning to go to the island tonight to get beetles.. Maybe after tonight's post idk).

Out takes

61 visits (would have bee cool if we had 63... you know, day 63, and 63 visits). Getting closer and closer to 100 (Hopefully I'll have it in a few weeks). I also need to work on getting a perfect town status.

This little fellow was an avid fan of An Animal Crossing Drama - he came over to buy a few items, and asked if he could have a screen shot with me. We went to Ricky's house (or rcky, whatever you wanna call him) and took a few happy snaps. All in all, he was a really nice guy and really brightened my day saying how much he loved the videos and the blog. Hopefully I can return the favor by giving him a cameo in this post!
He also gave me his dream address so whenever I have time, I guess I'll go check out his town, as well as glitch town.

Unrelated News
Well this is SUCH A LONG POST. Most of it's images but meh. Anyway, for those interested;
Twinleaf: 6400-2429-9260 (Gandalf/Ben)
Emble: 7400-2204-3234 (Harry)
Hopefully I got the right addresses...

And here are some extra pictures of Emble and Twinleaf.




  1. I love these posts :)

  2. Awwwwwh your day sounds amazing and i love the pic's :D id love to come to your town sometime!


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