Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 64

Last Nights Caper
Rcky + Bri = otp became canon.

He's also picked up her catchphrase... I AM GOING DOWN WITH THIS SHIP!!!!

Day 64
Would be nice to have relaxed a little from last nights hectic post, but guess what? You're getting another lengthy post.

Wieww!! Bug off - I'll admit it, I forgot about it until 5:50pm and I gave a miyami stag and then an agrias butterfly which gave me first place (I got a rococo wall and cicada speaker) and snagged first place. Talk about winning by the skin of your teeth (is that even a saying?). Didn't go the the ceremony because too lazy.

Decided to visit Mac on his last day in Skyfall (bye). I also asked Harry if he wanted Mac (he likes dogs), he said no though. Oh well, maybe Mac will go to someone else who has visited me recently.

I also got the back room of my house constructed today (I've now unlocked all rooms, just need to expand). Maybe tomorrow I'll buy the house exterior style that's in stock, idno. Anyway, I moved my fireworks rewards into the room, and added the rococo floor I got from Saharah the other day, and the rococo wall I got from the bug off (but now shown in the pic). I think I'll plan on making the back room into the rococo series.

Whilst I was next door to Club LOL (oops just remembered I forgot to visit K.K. Slider tonight), I decided I'd drop in and grab my final reaction, the super funk shrunk shuffle (something like that idk).

He also gave me one of his old jackets as an additional thanks, and told me I can come back whenever to see him re-perform a joke.

I know you've all been waiting for it, so here it is, the results of the fertilizer...

Fail... I don't think the effects last more than a day, but at least the pink roses are set up so we hopefully get more in the coming days.

I then decided to hit up the town hall to celebrate the construction of the light house, but obviously not because of the bug off (and wont be able to do it tomorrow because of the fire works show...) I AM MAYOR THANK YOU - actually I'll see if I can do it once I'm done with this post.

In the evening Gala then decided to rub it in my face by suggesting a fairy tale clock. 


Now not sure if and of you'll remember, but a while ago I was mentioning about needing to catch a piranha, well guess who caught one? I also managed to catch the other bugs/fish I needed, the petaltail, house centipede, saddled birchir, turban shell and horseshoe crab. Just really glad I caught the piranha because of the bad luck in City Folk...

Of course, whilst diving for the turban shell and horseshoe crab, I was sure to come across a scallop, and up came Pascal - who gave me an anchor.

Now time for some deja vu because I went back to Emble for the bug off (not really I had to sell stuff and Re-Tail was closed).

Also, don't tell Harry but...

RELAX I DIDN'T ACTUALLY CUT ANY DOWN (but if I did I would have blamed Gandalf - or rcky...).

Unrelated News
Well idk I do plan on going on after this post just because I want to and why not really. So yea guess you'll be getting some last nights caper (maybe Ricky is up planning world domination again?)


  1. I would LOVE to have Mac in my town! I have an empty spot and nobody is coming in my campsite! I also had a villager from Wild World (not in my New Leaf town) come get coffee from me! I hope they move in!

  2. When did you get the golden axe? I'm really struggling in terms of axes, you can barely get any trees down before they break and my orchard is only halfway though. (All my axes I'd saved up broke within a day or two)

    1. you can get the golden axe by buying 50 saplings from leif!


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