Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 309: Bunny Day!

Last Nights Caper
I really don't remember anything, I was pretty tired though.

Day 309

Today was Bunny Day, but before I could go ahead with the event, I had a few things to do around Skyfall first. First I had to check out Main Street for anything that took my fancy, but there was nothing, then I had to go check up on Hazel, who had just moved in today. She's still really cute, and I'm still undecided on whether or not I should keep her...

Now that I had greeted Hazel, I was going to go ahead with Bunny Day, but I wanted to clear out my pockets before hand. After selling my excess items to Re-Tail, I had over 99,999 bells in my pockets, and it was unable to fit in my wallet, and I had an extra bag taking up space in my pockets, so I headed over to the Post Office to deposit it. Whilst I was there I decided to check for DLC since they usually come out around the middle/end of the month, and sure enough, there was a Taurus bathtub waiting for me.

Now it was time to begin Bunny Day!

The main gist of Bunny Day is to go around collecting eggs, and then handing them/their contents over to Zipper T. Bunny for a reward, be it an egg basket, a piece of egg furniture, or his picture. There are six different types of eggs to collect, which are all obtained through different means.

After listening to Zipper, I went out to collect the six different types of eggs. For those wondering, you get eggs by; 1) shaking trees, 2) smashing rocks, 3) digging up dig-marks, 4) fishing, 5) diving, and 6) shooting down presents. Once you collect all six eggs you can hand them over to Zipper for an egg basket.

After receiving the egg basket he then informs you that each egg contains something different, and you might get a sepcial ticket and receive a prize. Once I had heard that, I went around collecting a lot of eggs, and eating them to find their contents. Each egg either contains a piece of candy, a winning ticket, or a grand-prize ticket.

Essentially, the candy does nothing. You could keep it for Halloween at the end of October, but the Nooklings stock candy all through October, so there really isn't any point. Alternatiely, you can drop it on the ground to attract ants and flies if you haven't already caught them.. The prize ticket rewards you with a piece of egg furniture, and the grand-prize ticket wins you Zipper's pic! I obtained a few more piece of egg furniture, but I didn't include them in the pictures to cut down on the length.

Unrelated News
Well I actually played a little earlier than I expected. I do want to go back on just to get a picture of Zipper's zipper lol, and collect some more pieces of the egg series, so I'm gonna go do that. Cya!


  1. I think you should get to know Hazel before decided. She's a uchi villager. I have a uchi villager and she's my favorite citizen. So I think you may like her.

    Also, what are your favorite eggs? Mine are earth and tree, because I have a close connection with nature and animals.

  2. Lol remember back when you said Hazel would be one of Ricky and Brees children? Well, look at that. You got Hazel.


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