Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 315: Weeding Day

Last Nights Caper
Just browsed the internet and eventually slept.

Day 315

Today was of course Weeding Day, and all I wanted to do was rush up to Leif to see if he would give me the topiaries. But before I could do that, I wanted to do one final check to make sure Skyfall was weed free. Whilst I was doing that, I spoke to Soleil, who gave me a checkered tile, and then continued to patrol Skyfall for weeds.

Now that I had checked Skyfall for weeds, I headed on over to the plaza to speak with Leif, who gave me the topiary public works projects. Though I couldn't get a picture of them as the Town Hall was closed due to the event, so I'll get that tomorrow. Sadly though, since Skyfall had no weeds, I was unable to participate in the weeding day event, maybe I'll visit a friends town to do weeding day there? Not too sure yet.

Due to the event, it was also difficult to get chores from villagers, and the only ones I got were "buy this" options... So I bought Tia's orange tie-dye tee, and sold Ricky my mini cactus, which I planned to mail to him anyway.

But Weeding Day had done a lot more than silenced my residents and shut down the Town Hall, it had also semi-closed down the Nookling's! The garden corner was closed today, which I mean, yes makes sense, but I totally was not expecting that at all. I guess it was a nice surprised and attention to detail.

Whilst in the Nookling's store I went ahead and bought Frita's medicine (actually, I lied, I forgot and had to go back). I returned to Skyfall to hand her her medicine, and now she just needs one more delivery and then she'll be better.

I also donated the motherly statue I bought at Redd's yesterday, which had arrived in the mail. I didn't go inside to check, but I would imagine that the art wing is gradually filling up. Probably only a few more (a few, as in like 7 lol) and then it should be complete, but who knows how long that'll take.

Time to alert the media because Bree was finally returned from her 2-3 day MIA journey. I still have no idea where she went (probably just the museum since I never check there), but turns out her journey didn't stop her getting the gossip, because she told me Soleil had plans to leave Skyfall. Although I would've liked Boone to leave before Soleil, I won't stop her. I've gotta try my best to do a Zucker and ignore her, so I don't change her mind. I'm guessing she'll leave in the 30th, or the 1st of next month.

Unrelated News
Not entirely important but I will ask around to see if any of my friends have any weeds in their town so I can participate in the event, but if I can't, I wont be too bummed out about it. Cya!


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