Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 9

Coming into work today, there was no Isabelle, since she had no facilities for me to create. Instead, I hit up the streets looking for clients. Outside, there was Mira, who wanted a futuristic home, Pompom, who wanted a modern garden, and O'Hare, who wanted a tropical home. I was really tempted to design O'Hare's home, but before I accepted his request, I thought of something else.

I went back inside to Nook's Homes, and remembered I hadn't studied any courses for today, so I decided to study the artwork course, allowing me to decorate with art.

With my course done and dusted, I was able to do what I originally came here for - a special DLC villager. I headed upstairs and interacted with the 3DS system, to call in a special client. After they had arrived, Lottie called out to me, wanting me to come downstairs and introduce myself.

I went downstairs, and was greeted by none other the Louie (a villager who has been absent from the game for a while now), and he had a seemingly fitting request, wanting to celebrate his "hero" hitting his 30th anniversary. I was happy to oblige, and Lottie had me pick out a plot, and then I went to designing his exterior. I made something that felt like a Mario-esque exterior, and included the QR code for the HHN in case you want to check it out yourself.

With the exterior chosen, I went on to do the interior, where as usual, there were a few items ready and waiting. The items were nothing out of the ordinary, and were definitely items I could easily work with. I fiddled around with several layouts, before deciding I wanted to go with a party themed room. With the room complete, I let Louie know I had completed his room, and once done, I learned myself the surprise emotion.

I headed back to Nook's Homes, and Lottie told me to write up my daily report and go home. Since my day was pretty easy, I took no time jumping into the next day. Walking into work, I was greeted by Isabelle, who had some more permits for me to create some more facilities. This time, I had the opportunity to build a restaurant, an office, a department store, another shop, and I also had the ability to expand the school.

I summed up all my options, and ultimately decided to go with the school expansion, but before doing that, I went on over to my desk to study up the Happy Home Handbook, and learned the camera course, allowing myself to take more high class photos.

Now that I had completed my course for the day, I was able to being construction on the school expansion. With the expansion, I also had the option to chose a different exterior, since there were only three I included them all, and I decided to go with the brown brick exterior.

With that chosen, I went on to do the interior. There were a number of rooms, a hallway and two classrooms, each with a number of requirements (which I can't list because I didn't write them down and I'm too lazy to check lol - though the classroom requirements were the same as before), It was kind of hard for me to create the new school, because being a person who didn't actually have a hallway in their school, it was hard for me to design one. Not only that, but the new items they gave me were all sports equipment, which I thought was pointless, because the both classrooms needed chairs and desks, which essentially made the sport equipment useless. But with a lot of fiddling around, I finally made two rooms I was happy with, with the third staying the same as it was before.

I don't think the AI understood how this room was designed, lol

With the expansion complete, I went back to Nook's Homes, where Lottie told me to write up my daily report and go home, but I was also greeted by Isabelle, who told me the school extension was sitting well with the residents of town, and told me that I would be able to redesign any existing facilities by simply talking to Digby. Now I was finally able to go back and tweak some of the facilities that I made a few mistakes on,


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