Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 13

Making sure I didn't forget, the first thing I did was learn my design course for the day, and I studied the bug course, allowing me to decorate with bugs.

Isabelle was still hanging around, but I really didn't feel like doing any facilities today. So instead, I went outside and looked for a client. Unfortunately, there weren't any decent villagers outside, so I went inside and was about to speak with Isabelle, until I remembered a device that I hadn't used - the amiibo phone. I grabbed my amiibo cards and ploughed through them, and decided to go with Eunice.

Once Eunice had been called in, we had the usual meeting where we chose the exterior and floor plan, and then went on site to design her dream home - a toast-warm winter room.

Her exterior was kind of tricky to design, since it was kind of small, but it wasn't that small that is was virtually impossible it work with. I actually really like how her exterior turned out.

Once her exterior was complete, I went inside to work my magic on the interior, and as always, she had given me several items she wanted me to use in the design. Thankfully, all the items she wanted me to use were items I could easily work with. I had a small vision in mind for her house, but it didn't turn out exactly how I imagined, but it turned out pretty good, regardless. For completing her house I learned to consent emotion.

With a house complete, the work day was over, and I headed home for the day, and jumped onto my next day on the job. This time, I decided I would build one of Isabelle's facilities, mainly because I hadn't built one for a while, but before I did that, I learned the design course for the day - the makeover course - which turned out to be the final course for me to learn. Lottie seemed shocked, yet impressed I had studied up on all the lessons.

With that done, I went over to Isabelle to build the final facility for the moment, a shop. The requirements for the shop were the same as the previous one (so I won't list them again), but I had gained access to a few new exteriors, and chose the one I was most happy with.

With the exterior chosen, I went inside to work on the interior. The items that came along with the shop were a lot of beauty themed items, so I guess they wanted me to build a designer store, or something, but I'd already done that in my department store, and I really didn't want to build the same shop twice... but I did. I really had no other ideas for the shop other than what I had been given.

With the shop complete, I headed back to Nook's Homes where Lottie told me to write up my daily report. She also told me Isabelle wouldn't be in tomorrow, as there were no permits left, and I would go back to designing villager homes.


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