Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 3

As told yesterday, Tom Nook was ready and waiting as soon as I started my shift today, and with him, was none other than Isabelle. Isabelle introduced herself to me and let me know she already knows about the Nook's Home association. She also let me know that the town had opened funds for a new facility, which would be built soon.

After the "meeting" was over, Lottie informed me that I should go out and find a resident. I headed outside, and Ribbot was still there, and a new resident, Pecan, was also present. Ribbot had the same request as yesterday, and Pecan wanted a relaxing home with chic furniture. I decided to go with Ribbot since he was already there yesterday, and I didn't want to leave him hanging,

Ribbot and I headed over to his house, and I started my interior remodel, creating a robo-themed house. As usual, he had several items he wanted me to use, and thankfully they were items that I felt like I could work with. He even included a bed, which is something I like putting in homes, but I can never seem to make them work. Ultimately, I created a home I'm really happy with, and learned the aggravation emotion.

With that, I headed back to Nook's Homes, where my day was over, and Lottie suggest I write up my daily report. She also told me Isabelle would be back tomorrow, to talk about building the newly funded facility.

After a good nights rest, I went back to Nook's Homes the next day, where Isabelle and Lottie were already waiting for me. We started the meeting, and Isabelle told me she planned on building a school, and I would be in charge of the interior design. I was happy to accept her request, and off we went, outside, to start construction.

Once we were outside, we were right where the school would be built, though it was very baron. Isabelle gave me a few exterior options, and I decided to go with the green one, because I felt it looked the most natural with the towns look.

Once the exterior had been chosen, we went inside to begin designing the interior. Isabelle gave me a few design tips, and also laid down a few ground rules - the school must have a teachers desk, as well as 4 chairs and 4 desks - other than that, I was allowed complete freedom to do what I wanted.

I probably spent a good amount of time (at least 30 minutes) on the school before I was finally happy with what I had created - which is always a good thing, because I'm really bad at designing, so essentially the more time I spend designing, the better the overall look will end up. Admittedly, it looks like a boring, generic school, but at least it's something I'm happy with, and so was Isabelle.

Once the school had been complete, we headed back to Nook's Homes, where Isabelle thanked me for the work I had put in, and informed me that we'd be having a completing ceremony tomorrow. Once Isabelle had left, Lottie told me to write up my daily report and take a break.


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