Pokemon Sword and Shield Announced for Nintendo Switch, Coming Late 2019

Announced in a special Pokemon Direct on this week, were the newest instalment to the main series Pokemon titles, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

The games are the first Generation 8 titles, and will be set in the new Galar Region, which seems to be based off the UK. The direct revealed a short trailer, as well as the three new started Pokemon for the region; the grass-type, Grookey, the fire-type, Scorbunny, and the water-type, Sobble.

The trailer reveals a couple of things about the games, showing the return of Pokemon gyms, trainer customization, but also the removal of Pokemon in the overworld, and following Pokemon.

With these new games on the horizon, we expect this year to be filled with Pokemon news coming every few weeks. The Pokemon Company also teased there would be more to see this year in regards to Pokemon, so our fingers are crossed for a few more Pokemon surprises this year!

Pokemon Sword and Shield are slated to release simultaneously worldwide in late 2019.


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