UNIQLO UTGP 2019 Winners - Pokemon Collaboration

Two years ago, we posted about UNIQLO's collaboration with Nintendo under their UTGP 2017 competition. This year,  Nintendo has come through again, with the theme of Pokemon. The winner not only receives $10,000, but will also have their t-shirt featured in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield titles for Nintendo Switch. Read below to check out what Pokemon-themed shirts you can buy at UNIQLO later this year, and what shirt you will be able to wear in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

They also gave us a sneak peak of the shirt in action in the upcoming Switch titles. Here it seems the shirt is only available in black, whether you can obtain the white version of this shirt is currently unknown.

The shirts will be available in store and online in Australia from June 24th. If you want to check out the other shirts you can buy, check out the link below.

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Update 23/05/2019
Due to a breach of the Terms and Conditions, the grand prize winner has been disqualified, and no shirt will be appearing in Sword and Shield

"However, the winner was since found to have violated the rules having previously sold their own design which they entered into this contest."
- Serebii
Whether one of the runner up designs will take its place is currently unknown, though at this stage it seems unlikely. We'll bring updates as they come. 


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