Nintendo Switch Lite Announced, Coming September 20th

Yesterday Nintendo revealed their newest hardware revision - the Nintendo Switch Lite - in an attempt to bring over their 3DS audience to the Switch era. The Switch Lite will be a dedicated handheld system, as opposed to the standards hybrid nature, and will release on September 20th.

The biggest change with the Switch Lite is that it's a handheld only console. That means no detachable joy-cons or IR, no HD rumble, no TV output (which means no docked mode gameplay), and no tabletop mode. Though these may be seen as drawbacks to those who wish to upgrade their system, the Switch Lite is intended to bring Nintendo handheld 3DS audience over to the Switch, and with games such as Pokemon and Animal Crossing on the horizon, this seems like a very smart move on Nintendo's behalf.

The Lite model also has a slightly smaller screen, coming in at 5.5" as opposed to the standards 6.2" screen, and a slightly increased battery life, which can keep the system alive for an extra hour depending on the gameplay. Even though the system does not come with detachable joy-cons, players can still connect other joy-cons to the system, to allow them to play games such as 1-2 Switch, and Super Mario Party - without separate joy-cons these games are unplayable on the Switch Lite.

Nintendo also announced a limited edition Pokemon themed Switch Lite - to coincide with the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield - known as the Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition. This limited edition console will be available on November 8th for the price of $329.95 AUD, and is in limited supply.

The Switch Lite will release in Australia on Friday September 20th for  a suggested retail price $329.95 AUD, and will come in three different colours - yellow, grey, and turquoise. A protective carry case will also be available on the same day for $29.95 AUD.


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