Spyro Reignited Trilogy Nintendo Switch - First Impressions

Even though we reviewed the game earlier in the year for the PS4, we've got out hands on the Nintendo Switch version and will be going into a mini review, filled with first impressions and comparisons.

Much like the PS4 version, only the first game is present on the physical copy, with the other two needing to be downloaded. In the Switch's case, this download is ~9GB. It's a shame this is still the case for later versions of the game, as it would have been cool to see everything finally on the physical copy.

Being a Switch title, the game obviously saw a downsize, but at first glance you can't really notice much difference as the game still looks great. Granted, we've always preferred gameplay over graphics and framerate. That said, we could definitely see the framerate dropping during the loading sections between worlds, but for a game that looks this good to run on the Switch, this was to be expected. We didn't notice any framerate drops during the actual levels though.



Originally the game launched with a few glitches, motion blur, and lack of subtitles. In March, the game received a patch to fix a number of these glitches, as well as lessen the motion blur and add the option for subtitles. All these features are already included in the Nintendo Switch version. Our original run on the PS4 saw two glitches in Zephyr and Charmed Ridge, but this time we found two more glitches. Our first was during Cliff Town, where the audio completely cut out and didn't come back until we restarted the game. The second was in Tree Tops, where the thief completely froze and couldn't be defeated. Again, these aren't game breaking by any means, but we did a quick Google search and couldn't find this happening to anyone else.
As mentioned in our original review, we noted the flight controls were a little stiff, and this was the case here too. However, we also seemed to have issues manoeuvring whilst supercharging, with the controls not feelings as responsive and leaving a lesser turning circle. We didn't remember this issue on the PS4 so we rebooted our copy to test it out, and didn't seem to have this issue on the PS4 version. This could simply be human error due to the dreaded joy-con drift issues, but we tested it out with the joy-cons, a pro controller, and the hori wired controller, and the each time it still felt stiff.

Whilst doing this comparison we also decided to check out the load times, and found the Nintendo Switch was slightly faster at loading levels, though we deduce this town to the lower resolution and textures of the game. For example, take a look at the wall to the secret room in Dream Weavers.



And that's about it. There isn't really much else to say that we haven't already said. The game runs perfectly fine apart from a few bugs here and there, and is a really nice fit for the  Switch. For those of us who grew up with Spyro and Nintendo, it's incredible to finally have the original trilogy of games on a Nintendo system, and in hindsight, the graphical downgrade is barely noticeable during normal gameplay. If you've always wanted to play the original Spyro trilogy, now's your chance! Of course, if you want to check out our full review of the title, click here.


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