Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct Announced for Thursday

Animal Crossing fans have eagerly been waiting for a look at the upcoming title since it was announced in September 2018. Unfortunately, we didn't get out first look until June 2019, where it was revealed to be delayed until 2020. Since then, we've barely seen much of the game, and fans have started worrying about further delays, or that the game won't have much to offer. Thankfully, to put us out of our misery, a dedicated New Horizons Direct will be airing this Thursday, and will include 25 minutes of new information.
For those of us in Australia, the presentation will be at 1am AEST Friday morning no February 21st, or 9am EST/3pm CET on February 20th for those in other corners of the globe. We'll be sure to wake up in the early hours of morning to report on all the information that's revealed in the presentation.

If you can't get enough of Animal Crossing, stay tuned for our review on the upcoming PowerA Enhanced Wireless Animal Crossing controller, or check out our Twitter and Tumblr accounts to keep up to date with the latest news. If you're also an Australian resident, we've written up an in-depth buyers guide if you're looking to purchase New Horizons, or any AC themed Switch accessories, too!


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