Full Series of Animal Crossing Mocchi Mocchi Plush Revealed

Earlier this year, we exclusively revealed a number of Animal Crossing Mocchi Mocchi Plush that would be releasing later this year, along with a few other franchises, such as Zelda and Splatoon. Now, the International Toy Fair 2020 has given us a nice detailed look of the full range of plush, and a few more pieces of merch we didn't know about, courtesy of Nintendo World Report!

Our original article mentioned that in the Animal Crossing series, Tom Nook and Isabelle would be receiving Mega Mocchi Mocchi Plush, but also exclusively revealed that these two, plus an Apple and Leaf, would be getting Mini Mocchi Mocchi and Clip-On Plushes, which have now been shown off, and are expected to release in August.

We also got a look at a previously unannounced series of Animal Crossing Danglers, that will be available in Gachapon-styles capsules, which will randomly give you Isabelle, K.K. Slider, Lottie, Peanut, or Butch.

As for the other series, a previously unannounced Octorok Mega Moccih Mocchi Plush will be joining the Zelda series, which will release in August, as well as a Green Mega Mocchi Mochi Splatoon Plush to join the Neon Pink Plush. The Splatoon series will also get a series of Clip-On Plush, in the colors Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Purple.

If you're interested in checking out the entire line of Tomy Nintendo merch, check out their website where they've included a tonne of images! Alternatively, you can check out their full tour of Tomy's Nintendo Toys below.

Update: A K.K. Slider Mega Mocchi Mocchi plush has been announced to release around November. Currently, only the Mega version has been revealed, but to our understanding, K.K. Slider will also see a release in the Mini and Clip-On varieties.


Update #2: We are able to announce that three more Mocchi Mocchi plush will be available later this year. The Bell Bag and Fossil will be available in July, and Blathers will be available in August. The Bell Bag and Fossil will be available in the clip on and mini varieties, whereas Blathers will be available in all three.


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