BIDOOF CROSSING EXCLUSIVE: Animal Crossing Mocchi Mocchi Plush Releasing Worldwide Later This Year!

If you've ever wanted some sweet Animal Crossing plush, we've got good news for you. Later this year, an assortment of Animal Crossing themed Mocchi Mocchi plush will be releasing, which we can exclusively announce at BidoofCrossing.

At the present, the only Animal Crossing Mocchi Mocchi plush announced is a Mega Tom Nook plush, which is only in Australia set for an August release; though the US TOMY website mentions that Animal Crossing Mocchi Mocchi plush will be releasing soon.

However, we are able to exclusively reveal the other plush that will launch in the first series, at least for Australia. We can reveal that Isabelle will be joining the likes of Tom Nook and be available as a mega plush. Additionally, Tom Nook, Isabelle, alongside the Leaf logo and an Apple, will be released as clip-ons and mini plush. The Animal Crossing Mocchi Mocchi collection will be exclusive to EB Games brands in Australia, including ZING and EB Games stores. Unfortunately, no images can be shared as the designs have not yet been finalised.
Though EB Games has the date listed for August 1st, we have been told the series is estimated for release in July 2020. We also expect these plush to be available in the US later this year, possibly around the same time. For Australia, the prices are expected to be $48 for the mega plush, $20 for the mini plush, and $15 for the clip-ons.
During the time we were working on this exclusive, EB Games has now uploaded the Mega Isabelle Plush to their website, serving as the first official look at the plush. However, the mini and clip-on Tom Nook, Isabelle, Apple and Leaf plush have not been currently been officially revealed. 

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Update: We can also reveal that an assortment of Splatoon Mocchi-Mocchi clip-ons are expected to release late March. We don't have any more details as of yet.

Update #2: We can now show off one of the Splatoon Mocchi-Mocchi plush. This will be a Mega Mocchi-Mocchi plush of a neon pink Splatoon Squid. It will be a little smaller than the Mega Animal Crossing ones, at 32cm, rather than 40cm.
Update #3: The Toy Fair 2020 has unveiled the full range of Animal Crossing Plush. Special thanks to Nintendo World Report TV for providing a video tour of the Toy Fair. We've included images of the new Plush, as well as a link to their video. Check them out! If you want to check out all the newly revealed plush, check out our latest article.


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