Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day Event + Leif Coming in April

Earlier this morning was a Nintendo Direct Mini which gave us an update on New Horizons, including the Bunny Day Event, and Earth Day which is to follow, and will add everybody favorite Sloth, Leif, to the game! A brief trailer was shown off going over what to expect, and we've included all the relevant information below!

Providing you've downloaded the latest update, Zipper T. Bunny will visit your Island from April 1st - April 12th. He's hidden a number of Eggs on your Island in various locations that you need to track down. From here, you'll be able to Craft a number of items from the Egg Series.

Another update will be coming in April, adding new features and the Earth Day event, and will also add Leif to the game. Currently we don't know if Leif will be added permanently, or simply for the Earth Day Event, but since a number of fruits are missing, as well as Bushes, our fingers are crossed he'll be a permanent addition.

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