Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 6

I wasn't planning on playing much more last night, but I dabbled in a little bit, and had my second encounter with Wisp (more on that below). I even found him again tonight, so that makes three times total! As for today, Nook opened up with his announcement. I was obviously expecting him to announce Midge had moved in, but to my surprise he also said that the Resident Services would be closed tomorrow for renovations, changing from a Tent to a permanent Building. I really wasn't expecting that so soon! As such, the services offered tomorrow won't be available, such as the Nook Stop and Recycle Box, so Nook urged residents to use them whilst we still can!

It was yet another rainy day in Nublar, and to get things started I opted to give Midge a visit. She was a little frazzled with making sure she would be able to unpack everything and get on with making a new life on Nublar, but I'm sure with being a Pink Bird, she'll get on fine with Flora.

Our Pink Cosmos from yesterday had finally sprouted, and I can't wait to get some more Pink flowers on Nublar, or even more Hybrids in general. Luckily another hybrid had popped up, the Windflower, which look like it'll be in the Pink variety as well! Nublar's first Bell Tree was also officially flourishing, but I'm too scared to harvest the Bells off it!

I didn't have too long this morning before I had to head off to work, but I was able to squeeze in a few things. I hopped on a Mystery Tour, but it once again wasn't anything worthwhile. It was raining on the distant Island as well though... Tucker wanted some help in finding a Cicada. Apparently he wanted to record the screams, so he could play them in Winter to make it feel like Summer... weird, but who am I to judge? I thought it might be difficult finding a Cicada in the rain, but it wasn't too hard, and when I caught one, the pun actually changed because of the weather, which was a nice touch! I took the Bug over to Tucker, who gave me a very basic Gym Tee. Not the greatest reward, but it'll do.

That was about it for the morning at least. I did grab both Turnip prices for the day, 142 for the AM, and 133 for the PM. They do seem to be increasing, which is good, but you never know with the Stalk Market. I'm hoping to sell them for at least 200 Bells each, but that might be pushing my luck a little too much.

I don't know if I've been too vocal about my Residents so far, but Tucker is definitely number one, with Plucky in second place. I'm really not a fan of Rory, but he must have caught wind and tried to butter me up. He taught me the Distress Emotion, which may have just put him in the spot above Plucky. Still, he's got a long way to go before he overtakes Tucker.

Plucky, on the other hand, didn't seem interested in trying to suck up to me, instead she simply wanted me to gift her a Sea Bass. I already had one in my pockets so I happily handed it over to her, receiving an Athletic Jacket in return. It's actually a pretty nice jacket, so I've kept it in my house for now.

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to work on developing the upper parts of Nublar, and whilst I didn't do too much, I rearranged the Flowers up on the hill, and crafted a Swinging Bench, with a custom dark wood color to place on the Western side of the Island. It's not really in the vicinity I wanted to start developing, but hey, it's a start on development nonetheless. 

I'd been sourcing a lot of resources lately and had managed to rack up my Bell tally to be able to pay off my mortgage. I was worried Nook might not accept it due to Resident Services being closed tomorrow, but that didn't bother him. He was also happy to expand my house once again, which should be complete with an extra room on the Eastern Wing tomorrow. It's funny, I have this huge house, as of tomorrow with 4 rooms, but I've barely decorated any of them... Like I said yesterday, I'd much rather work on Nublar than my house anyway.

We also managed to find Wisp twice, once last night (as previously mentioned), and then again tonight. It was his usual story, we spooked him and shattered his Spirits, and we had to hunt them down. Both times we asked for something expensive, and got a Biker Jacket and an Automatic Washer... I really don't think either of these items are that hefty in the Bell department, so I might be better off picking something I don't have next time I find him (the Jacket does look nice though).

And to finish the day off, Tucker gave me a nice little for welcoming him to Nublar the other day. It's a much better gift that what Plucky gave us yesterday, and goes well with what I hope Nublar to look like. I placed it by his house, since it went well with his stone table set.

As Resident Services is closed tomorrow, I decided to stock up on some Nook Miles Tickets to give me something to do. I managed to have enough Miles to redeem 7 Tickets, so I'm really hoping I'll be able to find a really cool Island tomorrow. I am working most of the day though, so I'm not going to have a tonne of time, but hopefully I can still get some stuff done!

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons from Nintendo AU 


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