More Animal Crossing Switch Accessories by Controller Gear Revealed

Last month we shared some Animal Crossing themed decals for your Nintendo Switch made by Controller Gear, and now we've spotted bunch more accessories and decals. If you're still looking to get your Animal Crossing fix after missing out on the Limited Edition Console, you might be interested in these.

Initially, we only saw some stickers and Switch skins, now they've revealed not only another Switch skin, but two very cute cases for your Switch Lite. The decal is a nice brown color, decorated with the Nookling duo, Timmy and Tommy. There's also a Switch Lite case that shared this theme, as well as a cutesy baby blue one. If we had a Switch Lite, we'd probably pick up the Nookling skin!

If you're looking to purchase some of these for yourself, they should be readily available on your local countries amazon. It's less than 20 days until New Horizons hits store shelves, make sure you keep track of BidoofCrossing to stay up to date with the latest news. To never miss anything, make sure to follow our Twitter and Tumblr accounts!


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