Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Bunny Day Begins!

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I was pressed for time last night, so I'd do a separate post that goes over the Bunny Day Event, and here it is! I'd already noticed a few odd happenings, especially with a tree bearing eggs, as well as digging up an egg... So I knew Zipper was up to his old tricks! I figured the most logical place for him to be was at the Plaza, but it was surprisingly empty... I guess he was doing his own version of an Egg hunt!

After searching Nublar high and low, I eventually found him over near the Western Beach. He congratulated me and gave me an overview of the Event. Long story short, there'd be Eggs hidden around Nublar that I could use to craft special Egg furniture, which also had to be found. To help get me started, I was gifted a Bunny Day Bed, but that's all! If I was able to find and craft ALL DIY Recipes, I'd get a special reward when Bunny Day officially come around. Game on!

Since I'd already discovered two egg types on my own, that meant there were only four more left to find. Based on my knowledge from previous games' Bunny Days, I had somewhat of an idea on where I could find a few more - Fishing and Rocks!

Sure enough, I was able to grab some eggs from my assumption, but that still lead to two more Egg types to find... I then heard a whistling in the air, and a unique balloon present flew by, this must have an egg! I show it down, and the sky egg was all mine... now just one more to find.

I'll admit, finding this last egg certainly took longer than expected... I was really stumped on where it could be. I spent a good chunk of time shaking Tree's, assuming they might be in there, but nothing came of it... I then had the idea to strike them with an axe, and long-behold, the wood egg was all mine. Now I had all 6 egg types, it looked like a good time to start crafting!

There was just one tiny problem... I didn't have any other DIY recipes besides the bed... This was when I heard another balloon present fly by, this time containing a DIY recipe! So now I knew how to get the recipes, I just had to collect them all. The way Zipper spoke about them, saying he'll hide more on the Island as Bunny Day draws near, made it seem like I wouldn't be able to collect them all in one day... but I somehow managed to do so.

With the help of my Villagers, and my Egg collecting, I was also able to learn a number of clothing themed DIY Recipes, to help get me into the spirit of things. They didn't take too long to find, and before long I had completed the Bunny Day set!

At the time of taking the photo, I hadn't actually crafted everything, but I just needed to collect some more Eggs and then I'd be able to. I was short on Earth eggs, though I didn't particularity go on more Mystery Tours to find some, so I decided to leave them and craft them rest tomorrow, hopefully after more Eggs spawn on my Island.

I've actually compiled a guide on how to obtain all the items for Bunny Day (it contains spoilers, be warned!), that you can read here. Be sure to stay tuned for Day 14's Blog Post going up later today!


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