Animal Crossing: New Horizons - FAQ

What is the Island character limit?
You can use up to 10 characters to name your island

How many Villagers can live on my Island?
Early answers indicate 10

Can I play the game together with my family on a single Nintendo Switch system?
Up to 8 players can share a single island, with each Nintendo Switch user being able to register one resident.

Does the game support amiibo?
Yes. Animal Crossing Series amiibo Figures and Cards are supported. You can invite characters over, and play with them in Photopia.
For more information, check out our article on amiibo Support

Do you have any more information about visiting friends?
Via online play you can visit friends, or players not registered as friends using temporary passwords called "Dodo Codes". You can also restrict the use of destructive items such as Axes and Shovels to Best Friends only.

What if I lose my save data?
Cloud Saves are not supported, however, Nintendo is working on a server to allow you to recover save data from the server. No further details are known.

Will there be free updates?
Yes. Free updates and seasonal events will be available through out the years.

Is the game compatible with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp?
Nintendo are holding an event where Pocket Camp themed items will be available in New Horizons, and vice versa. Whether or not the games are directly compatible is unknown. Nintendo will release more details on their Pocket Camp Twitter Account.
For more information, check out our article on Pocket Camp Integration

How many new Villagers are there?
Currently it appears there are only 8 new Villagers - Reneigh, Audie, Dom, Sherb, Cyd, Rodney, Megan and Judy

Can I move a Villagers house?
Yes. You can move the location of Villagers houses, as well as shops and facilities if you change your mind. The Resident Services Square, and Dodo Airport can not be moved, however.

How do I access the other parts of The Island?
Your Island will have restricted access when you first start. You'll only be able to explore the base area surrounded by the river. Once Blathers has come to your Island (he'll arrive the day after you place his Tent, achievable by giving Tom Nook 5 unique critters), he'll give you the DIY recipe for the Vaulting Pole, allowing you to cross the river.


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