Nook Terminal Rewards

The Nook Terminal can be used to redeem Nook Miles for cool rewards. Below is a list of rewards that can be obtained, including prices. For more information on Nook Miles, read here for an overview, and here on how to earn them. You can also unlock a number of unique rewards by connecting your game to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, these will be available under the Nook Shopping menu.

Nook Miles Ticket* (2,000 points)
Customizable Phone Case Kit (1,800 points)^
Custom Design Pro Editor* (800 points)
Pretty Good Tools Recipe* (3,000 points)
Tool Ring: It's Essential* (800 points)
Pocket Organization Guide* (5,000 points)
Custom Design Pro Editor+ (3,000 points)
Custom Designs Portal (300 points)
Hip Reaction Collection (2,700 points)
Top 6 Stylish Hairstyles (1,800 points)
Top 8 Pop Hairstyles* (2,400 points)
Top 8 Cool Hairstyles* (2,400 points)
Top 8 Stylish Hair Colors* (3,000 points)
Brick Fence (1,000 points)+
Coral Fence (1,000 points)+
Iron-and-Stone Fence (1,000 points)+
Zen Fence (1,000 points)+
Country Fence (1,000 points)+
Barbed-Wire Fence (1,000 points)+
Stone Fence (1,000 points)+
Imperial Fence (1,000 points)+
Lattice Fence (1,000 points)+
Bamboo Lattice Fence (1,000 points)+
Rope Fence (1,000 points)+
Coral Nook Inc. aloha shirt (600 points)
Green Nook Inc. aloha shirt (600 point)
Nook Inc. aloha shirt (600 points)
Nook Inc. tee (600 points)
Nook Inc. blouson (800 points)
Nook Inc. bandanna (500 points)
Nook Inc. cap (500 points)
Nook Inc. eye mask (400 points)
Nook Inc. socks (400 points)
Nook Inc. slippers (400 points)
Nook Inc. knapsack (800 points)
Nook Inc. umbrella (700 points)
Nook Inc. uchiwa fan (400 points)
Nook Inc. Handheld Pennant (500 points)
Nook Inc. wall (1,200 points)
Nook Inc. flooring (1,200 points)
Nook Inc. silk rug (600 points)
Nook Inc. botanical rug (1,000 points)

Nook Inc. rug (1,000 points)
Bell-bag rug (1,200 points)

*Requires NookMiles+
+Alternates daily, unlocked after Housing Plots have been completed
^Unlocks after taking the Customization Workshop

NookMiles+ will become available once you've decided to upgrade your Tent to a House

Once you've upgraded the Resident Services from a Tent to a Building, you'll gain access to a whole new variety of rewards.

Bell Voucher (1,000 points)
Ultimate Pocket Stuffing (8,000 points)
DIY Drinking Fountain (800 points)
DIY Manhole Cover (800 points)
DIY Stone Tablet (800 points)
DIY Destinations Signpost (1,500 points)
DIY Wave Breaker (1,500 points)
DIY Brick Well (2,000 points)
DIY Simple Well (2,000 points)
DIY Stall (2,000 points)
DIY Stone Arch (2,000 points)
DIY Fountain (3,000 points)
DIY Outdoor Bath (3,000 points)
DIY Silo (3,000 points)
DIY Robot Hero (5,000 points)
Construction Sign (1,000 points)
Lifeguard Chair (1,000 points)
Portable Toilet (1,000 points)
Streetlamp (1,000 points)
Utility Pole (1,000 points)
Drink Machine (2,000 points)
Public Bench (2,000 points)
Snack Machine (2,000 points)
Springy Ride-On (2,000 points)
Tourist Telescope (2,000 points)
Park Clock (2,400 points)
Phone Box (2,400 points)
Sandbox (2,400 points)
Cotton-Candy Stall (3,000 points)
Playground Gym (3,000 points)
Parabolic Antenna (4,000 points)
Soccer Goal (4,000 points)
Wind Turbine (4,000 points)
Lighthouse (4,000 points)
Monster Statue (5,000 points)
Pool (5,000 points)

Once you've unlocked the Island Designer App, you'll be able to redeem a number of permits and path options.

Waterscaping Permit (6,000 points)
Cliff Construction Permit (6,000 points)
Arched Tile Path Permit (2,000 points)
Brick Path Permit (2,000 points)
Dark Dirt Path Permit (2,000 points)
Sand Path Permit (2,000 points)
Stone Path Permit (2,000 points)
Terra-Cotta Tile Permit (2,000 points)
Wooden Path Permit (2,000 points)
Custom Design Path Permit (2,300 points)

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