The last melon...

I finally picked up the final game in the wait between V-Day and AC release day...

The photo looks better because I took it on my old phone

I also pre-ordered Animal Crossing: New Leaf today, ready to pick up on June 15th. It's a weird feeling knowing that the next game I pick up will be the elusive New Leaf. It's just 4 more weeks here in Australia, and thankfully I have the two Japanese guidebooks I ordered which came 3 days early, so I can spend this wait translating them.

I've barely looked at  it though.. I've been busy with school work (which I should be doing now instead or writing this) - Anyway I just wanted this to be somewhat long since in exactly 4 weeks you'll be getting daily in-depth Animal Crossing blogs, and honestly I am pretty excited to start blogging gameplay (have no idea how good I'll be though), but hopefully everyone looks forward to that. In the mean time, ya'll should check out my ACNL giveaway I'm doing on my Tumblr - read about it here!


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