Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 48: A Worth While Day

Last Nights Caper

Day 48

Let's be real here. All I really cared about today was the opening of the T.I.Y, so of course, I rushed over there to check it out!

It's sad that only about 50 days ago this was a lil' shack

Of course, it was August 1st, so they'd be selling sparklers instead of fortune cookies (does this mean I'll only get 1 per day? good).

I'm also ecstatic they're selling K.K. music now! I always forget to visit him on Saturday night (I think I've only gone twice this whole time oops). I guess I should start going to watch him.

Next door Leif was quick to tell me he loved his new place (he's still happy as usual). Apparently he does a weed pulling service, too. First I've heard of this (well I had read about it elsewhere but didn't think it was true). I did ask him to weed my town but since there were none, he decided against doing so. Maybe I should remove the ordinance and let weeds grow just to test it out?

I went to Club LOL today, got given the resignation joke. Not one I really care about to be honest, however, his comedic performance was decent.

Anyone else notice how I always find the shorter
performances amusing?

As it was August 1st, I gathered there'd be a new DLC coming out today. I went to the post office to speak with Pelly, who handed me a Fireworks Table. So I guess the mystery DLC in the Prima guide do exist, they just haven't been released yet.

I also got my final color of contacts today (well I believe it's my last. I'm pretty sure I skipped an option). I guess tomorrow we'll be going back to haircuts. Or maybe I should get the Mii Mask? Not too sure, guess we'll find out tomorrow (hey, it's been a while since I've said that).

Checking the beaches along town, a familiar face was washed ashore. Of course, it was Gulliver trying to tell me some twisted tale on how he got swept away.

As usual, he gave me a number of hints, then several options as to where he had come from.

My options were:
- India
- Vietnam
- Thailand
- South Korea

To be honest, I wasn't 100% sure. I did think it was Japan (that was before he gave me the options), but I knew it wasn't. I then remembered where kimchi is from (I have a Korean friend at school), so I knew the answer was South Korea. I was right!

I believe the item I get is a bowl of samgyetang (did I spell that correctly?) - an item commonly mistaken for a Korean DLC as it was a DLC in City Folk, but it isn't a DLC anymore so let's clear that up (unless I don't get that as a reward, I'm pretty sure I do though).

And finally, to end the day, Rod decided to suggest a public works project after the long drought (it's only been a few days and it seems like forever). He only suggested the torch though, don't want one of these in Skyfall. Oh well Rod, you tried (he did say building and I got happy thinking he's suggest the police station).

Unrelated News
Long post. Need I say more? Go on, shoo. Go have your parties and siestas because you finally got a long post (don't lie! I know you've wanted one for ages). Anyway, that's about all for here lol enjoy your celebrations. Cya!


  1. So I accidentally sold my silver watering can the other day =( any idea how i can get another one without having to make a new character?

    1. I got my golden one and don't need my silver anymore you can come over and get it if you want. or i can bring it to you :) pm me with friend code :D

    2. bleh who cares lol heres my friend code. I will need yours for you to visit ^_^ 2363-5767-1467 name is calo

  2. Who wants bells?just leave me a response and i'll tell what to do next.

  3. I want bells! Tell me how to do it please.


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