Smash Version 3.0 Update Announced + Isabelle amiibo Coming in July

Smash fans have been waiting ever since he was announced at last years Game Awards to get their first glimpse as Joker in Smash. With months of silence, and direct rumors coming left and right, Nintendo has instead thrown a curve-ball and uploaded a 15 minute trailer out of the blue, detailing Joker, as well as more features in the Version 3.0 update.

The free 3.0 update - which will be available on April 18th in Australia - will bring back the Stage Builder feature that was present in the previous titles, as well as a video editing feature, and an update to the Nintendo Switch Online app, titled Smash World, that will allow players to share and download stages and videos they've created. All this content will come free in the Version 3.0 update. These features are fully explained in the video below.

For those who are happy to pay for some DLC, Challender Pack 1 will also be released tomorrow, which contains the aforementioned Joker from Persona 5. The pack can be bought standalone for $7.80AUD, or you can buy the entire Fighter Pass for $32.50AUD, which will grant you access to Joker, as well as the other four upcoming and unannounced DLC characters. Challenger Pack 1 also comes with the Mementos stage, and music from the Persona series. There's also a bunch of new Mii Fighter costumes based off the Persona and Sonic series that you can purchase separately if that's your thing.

Momentos Stage

The next line of amiibo was also announced earlier today, which consists of Pichu, Pokemon Trainer, and yes, Isabelle. This wave of amiibo will launch in Australia on July 19th. Again, all the info for the Version 3.0 update can be found in the video presentation shown above.


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