Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Information Round Up *Updated January 1st*

E3 may have revealed a short trailer of this game, but thanks to Nintendo Treehouse we've received out first hand on look at the latest Animal Crossing title, which has given us a trinket of new information about the game. Read below for your one-stop shop for all the latest information on Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

During the reveal trailer we got our first look at the game, introducing us to a lot of new features Afterwards, the Nintendo Treehouse team took a hands on look at the game, joined with developers Aya Kyogoku and Hisashi Nogami as they talk about some o the new gameplay elements. Here's all the information we know about the game so far.

- Decided on the island setting to give players a new experience. and giving the players a choice of freedom to build the island from the ground up

- Tom Nook owns a development company, titled Nook Inc. The players is moving t the island under Nook Inc's Getaway Package. Timmy and Tommy also own a shop on the island
- The player starts off pitching a tent, which can be places on the beach if you chose. Starting items will include a bed, a lamp and a radio
- Half unit measurements during decoration has been carried over form Happy Home Designer
- Furniture can be placed outside
- Inventory now has 20 slots
- The player can now wear backpacks and satchels
- Trees can be dug up once fully grown and replanted elsewhere
- Paths can be places much easier
- Villagers can sit on the ground
- Wind is now "visible" by moving the leaves on trees. Their movement will change depending on the strength of the wind
- Seashells, Fish, Bugs and Emotions return
- Sizes of wild catches do not appear to be shown
 - Clams appear on the beach which can be dug up and crafted to create fishing bait
- The player has access to a smart phone, called "Nook Phone" which includes the apps, "Camera", "Nook Miles", "DIY Recipes", "Map", and "Call Islander"
- DIY Recipes will allow the player to craft tools and items they can place and use around the island
- The new pole tool that was shown in the trailer where the player jumped across the river is called a Vaulting Pole
- Materials include: Wood, Softwood, Hardwood, Stone, Clay, Weed, Red, Yellow and White Tulips, Coconut, Apple, Iron Nugget, and Tree Branch. Furniture items such as a Book, and Campfire are also needed to craft some items
- Items that can be crafted include: Flimsy Axe, Flimsy Shovel, Flimsy Net, Flimsy Fishing Rod, Flimsy Watering Can, Vaulting Pole, Campfire, Clothesline, Signpost, Tiny Library, Clothesline, Classic Pitcher, Log Bench, Wooden Washtub, Frying Pan, Coconut Juice, Oil-Barrel Bathtub, Birdbath, Tulip Crown, Leaf, Stone Stool, and Log Stool
- "Standard" tools also appear later in the footage, suggesting they can be unlocked and crafted with game progression
- Items appear to be crafted instantly with no cool down
- Materials can be found lying around the item, or the player can use their tools to obtain more from trees, rocks, etc
- The game now has a Northern and Southern Hemisphere setting, now allowing players in the Southern Hemisphere to play in the correct seasons
- Items stack automatically in the inventory when picked up
- Tom Nooks shop will allow you access to his Workbench where you can craft items for free
- Timmy will reside in Tom Nooks shop and will allow you to buy and sell items for Bells
- In addition to being crafted, some tool and furniture items can be purchased from Timmy instead
- Nook Miles work similar to real-life frequent flyer points, allowing players to obtain Nook Miles by completing tasks, which can be redeemed for items and "activities"
- Call Islander will allow you to play local co-op with another player living on your island
- The "host" can be changed in local co-op, which allows for easier trading. If the additional players are too far away from the host player they will be teleported
- Eight players can live on a single island, and up to 8 players can play locally, wirelessly or via the internet
- Four players can play together locally on the same system

- Camera allows the player to take a photo. The camera can be zoomed in and out, and use filters, such as Normal, Glamour, Dramatic, Film, Cute, Monochrome, Antique and Fluffy
- Hamlet, Fuchsia, Goldie, Olivia, Eunice, and Freya return as villagers, alongside Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy
- Map was not officially shown off, but a small map can be seen on the UI (shown below), which includes an airport, presumably the games method of travel to other towns. The players location can also be seen on the map, and also suggests acres may return
- The two villager houses/tents are also placed perfectly adjacent to one another, suggesting it may be possible to decide where villagers place their houses this time around

- Additionally, IGN has confirmed that Isabelle will be returning to the game, and the island will start off with 2 villagers
- Polygon have also given a few details, including characters can be customized at the start, from skin tone, eye + hair color and style, and facial features, all being gender-free

The map

Nintendo's PR package has also included a bunch of screenshots and a fact sheet, which we have included below. Just click on the images to expand them!

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Update September 4th: The latest Nintendo Direct has showcased a 5 minute presentation on New Horizons. Below is all the new information we found in the direct. You can read the entire post in full here:

- Dodo Airlines is the name given to the previously unseen and unnamed airport during E3
- New flowers that resemble poppies are shown. They were shown to come in red and white variations
- Villager speech bubbles have received a slight redesign
- Two new NookPhone apps were shown off. One appears to be a "my design" app, the other is symbolized by a book with a human face on it
- Fruit is required to be eaten before a tree can be uprooted and replanted (previously shown during E3)
- The ability to capture snowflakes during the winter returns
- A large cluster of mushrooms appears during the fall
- Bait that was previously shown off during E3 is shown to work by throwing it into the water, causing a fish to appear
- Bill, Tammy, Filbert, Lily, Bones, Roald, Anotnio, Al, Fauna, Pecan, Rosie, Angus, Wolfgang and Zell all return as villagers

Update January 1st: The first TV commercial for the Japanese version has been released. Alongside, promotional artwork has been revealed, showcasing Isabelle, Harvey, and two new characters, one being a Dodo, the other being a Beaver/Sea Lion. The official Japanese box art has also been revealed. You can view the full post here:

- Dodo airlines is run by a new Dodo character
- A new Beaver/Sea Lion character (a possible relative to Chip?) has been revealed

- Harvey will return, and will reside on a distant island
- First look at Isabelle and Bunnie
- Tents are confirmed to return


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