Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 14

If you've been following me the past few days, you'd know that Hornsby would be moving in today, which made me very excited. Isabelle graced us with the news during the morning announcements, and I must say I'm very happy to have him on board, and he seems to feel the same! Also I just realized we've now been in Nublar for 2 weeks... time sure does fly.

It was briefly raining when I started playing this afternoon, but it didn't take long before clearing up - at least the flowers got a nice water! On the beach I found a special Egg message bottle, which must have been sent out by Zipper (who has now vanished from Nublar...). I opened it up, but the DIY inside was obsolete as I've already completed the collection. It was still nice to see either way.

Flick's partner, CJ, decided to make his first appearance! He runs pretty much the same services as Flick, except he got us to play a small minigame - catch three small fish in a row. I was excited to see what completing the challenge would give me, but all it did was make CJ take a few happy snaps for his blog (I wonder if he views out blog as well?). After doing his challenge, he started doing the modelling service as well. Sadly I didn't have three fish to give him, so we'll have to wait until his next visit.

I checked in with Isabelle to see how Nublar's rating was going, since we now had a few more residents living with us. She said it was going fine, except they wanted to see some more scenery (namely fences), and for us to get rid of the item we'd dumped on the Island. I didn't think this would be too hard to achieve, so I placed some fences, cleaned up a little, and tada! Nublar now had a 3 star rating, which gave us a review from K.S... It seems Project K has come to fruition!

Nook gave K.K. Slider a call, and he'll be here in Nublar to perform very shortly. I can't wait! I stopped by Hopper's House to let him know what was happening, being Nublar's newest resident and all (I'd already told Hornsby!). His interior is pretty nice, it's exactly what I hoped!

Now Nublar was marked on the map as a top tourist destination, it was time for some well deserved me time, so I decided to use the Bells I'd earned lately to pay off my loan. I once again got the option to expand, and will be receiving a second floor to my house tomorrow, and a huge loan of 1,248,000 Bells...

Something I forgot to do yesterday was move Nook's Cranny next to the Able Sisters. Done and dusted. Timmy didn't seem to mind the move, as long as it would make business boom, and being in the more central part of the Island, as well as next to the Tailor, I think he's going to get exactly what he asked for.

Overall it was a pretty short day today. I didn't have a tonne of free time, and what I did have I spent working on the Bunny Day post I didn't get around to doing yesterday (which you can read here). Plucky also taught us the Cold Chill Reaction. With the second floor going into my house tomorrow, that should give me a few more options to happily work on my interior. I already have an idea for the main room and back room, as well as the second floor. I've also got a nice idea for the basement, whenever I get around to paying off this loan first.

Now it's time to rest up, I've got a big day ahead with K.K. Slider visiting! Another update came out today which fixed a few glitches, and you'll also need to install it before you can play online. You can read about it here. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest news, guide, and information on Animal Crossing!


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