Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 17

Today was yet another rainy day on Nublar, but not just your standard rain, it was a real downpour! There wasn't anything that was going on as far as I was aware, and I'd wondered what Isabelle would say if there wasn't anything to mention during the morning announcements, and instead she just went over the ongoing Bunny Day event. I wonder what she'd actually say if there really wasn't anything going on. Oh well. Now that it was the weekend, I finally had a lot of time to spent developing Nublar (especially with my new design permits in hand!)... but there was one problem... all the work I'd done over the last week with moving houses, well that spaces started looking very cluttered... But before we open that can of worms, there's a few things I want to get done first.

To get started, I had a letter from the HHA, congratulating me for how my house was going, and gifted me a nice little wall decal. The Museum had also moved and left a really blank space, which I really don't know what to do with, and finally, the Bulletin Board had some use, informing us that this upcoming Saturday would be the Fishing Tourney! I work on Saturday's so I'm not actually too sure how I'm going to go with the tourney... We'll cross that bridge when we get to it I guess.

Sunday's meant Daisy Mae was about somewhere, and she was pottering around, selling Turnips for a low price of 90 Bells each. I really want to try avoid the Stalk Market at some stage, since the whole gamble aspect really stresses me out, but I couldn't resist for such a low price. I ended up buying 1,800 Turnips from her, which was 162,000 Bells worth. I guess we'll see how we go through the week, I don't expect to have a repeat this time!

By this point, I'd completed a number of tasks that I had enough Nook Miles to redeem every pavement permit, par the My Design one. Since I now had all path options, and a lot of spare time, now would be a good time to work on developing Nublar... but like I mentioned, it was just so cluttered...

I hate to way it, but after spending the past week moving everything to a spot where I though they'd work, I'm going to be moving stuff around this week. First up was Velma. Her house was right in front of the Airport, which really felt like it was in the way. Once you hopped off the place, instead of seeing Nublar's vast landscape, you just saw a house... I decided to break up the closeness of all the houses, and moved her house to the western side.

I plan on moving Flora, Hopper, and Tucker over here, too, making a square, and creating a second resident quarters. I also considered moving the Able Sisters over there, too, just so they'd have something to entertain themselves, but I'm not too sold on the idea just yet. I guess I'll work on moving these houses first, and then go from there. I did, however, have one more housing plot that I could place, and placed it next to Hornsby's house. Hopefully I end up liking this location.

With all the renovations done, it was time to start working on Nublar. It took me a lot of time working on which path I liked move, then more trying to figure out where to put the path, but after spending most of my day playing around with it, I think I've finally (I use that very loosely) settled on a layout to start working on. I haven't done a whole lot so far, but I've included the map of Nublar so you can see the work I've done so far.

As for the minor happenings today, Midge taught me the Glee reaction, Sable and I had a very small interaction, and I found Wisp in the evening, who gave me a cute wall-mounted clock.

Writing this up, it doesn't look like I did a lot, but most of it was spent on construction, and my Island is a real mess right now I don't really want to show it off. Guide wise, I haven't gotten around to updating anything yet, but I'm hoping I'll do that tomorrow, which will be a mixture of guides and development.


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