Dodo Airlines

Dodo Airlines is the main method of transportation for those that live on The Island. Run by the Dodo Duo, Orville and Wilbur, Dodo Airlines offers an assortment of services, such as a mailing system, travelling services, and Mystery Tours. The Airport can be used starting the day after you arrive on The Island. Much like the Facilities in previous titles, the Dodo Airport and Plane can be a variety of colors, including Red, Blue and Yellow.

Orville mans the main desk and will help you out with travel details, whilst Wilbur flies the plane and takes you to your destination. Orville will let you invite others to your Island, or let you visit another players Island via local of online communication. You do not need to be friends with another player to visit their Island, instead you can generate a unique and temporary Dodo Code to let anyone you share it with visit you. To prevent misuse, this feature will restrict other players using destructive items such as Shovels and Axes. Up to 8 players can be present on one Island.

Wilbur will be the one taking you to your destination, and as well as Friend Islands, Wilbur can also take you on Mystery Island Tours if you use your Nook Miles to purchase a Nook Miles Ticket. These Mystery Tours will take you to a unique smaller Island where you can search for crafting materials to bring back with you. You may also find inhabitants on other Island, and potentially get them to move to your Island.

The Airport also offer other unique services, such as a Postal Service. The Postal Service will allow you to send messages to other Residents for 200 Bells. Whether or not the Airports Postal Service will replace the standard Post Office is currently unknown.

Once Harvey has visited your Island, you'll then be able to fly to Photopia via Dodo Airlines.


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