Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 11

Isabelle gave us a warm welcome this morning, and informed me that Olaf had officially moved in. Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm not the biggest fan of him, so I hope he doesn't stay around too long. In the mail, I received yet another letter from Dodo Airlines, this time containing a DAL Eyemask. I'm really liking all this Dodo swag, I really hope there's more to come!

Since we placed the Able Sisters shop yesterday, all my fingers were crossed that it'd have opened up today, but since Isabelle didn't mention it during the announcements, I didn't have my hopes up. My assumption was correct, as heading over showed a tarp over where I'd placed it... Guess we have to wait just one more day.

The usual morning ritual consists of heading over to Resident Services, and that's exactly what I did. Now that Olaf had moved in, Nook was very eager to get some more residents to Nublar, and had updated the Nook Stop with amiibo functionality for this very moment! If I scan a compatible Animal Crossing amiibo figurine or card into the terminal, they may appear at the Campsite!

If you've been following me on Twitter, you might have an inkling on who I wanted to scan in (or not, I haven't really been that vocal about it). But coming up towards March 20th, I noticed a little villager shared that date as their birthday, and felt sorry for them, since they'd be overshadowed by the New Horizons launch. That villager is Hornsby, and I think he's absolutely adorable, and I felt bad for his birthday being overshadowed. There was no doubt in my mind that he'd be the first villager I'd bring to the campsite, so I went to go scan him in.

Just like that, he was at my Campsite in an instant. I really want to get him to move to Nublar, not only because he's cute, but I also think he'll go well with the overall theme I'm going for. I dropped by, and he wanted me to make him a Shell Fountain, and gave me the DIY recipe for it. The only issue is that it requires five Giant Clam Shells, which are not the easiest to come by. Thankfully, by the time the day was over I was able to craft one for him, and I handed it over!

He was very thankful that I made it for him, and wanted me to invite him to come over again. There wasn't an option for him to move in just yet, but from my research, it seems you have to bring them to the Campsite 3 times before they'll be able to officially move in. Guess you'll be seeing a little more of Hornsby in the coming days!

So, we'd worked on Project K by bringing a Villager to the Campsite, but then it dawned on me... I didn't have any land set down for them to move into! I actually placed the land before I gave the Fountain to Hornsby, so his ignorance to move in wasn't because there was no plot for him. Anywho, since I spent most of yesterday and today laying out patterns, I knew exactly where to put the plot, which was just behind Tucker's house - 10,000 Bells well spent if you ask me!

Now it was time for the daily move, this time it was Flora's turn! As I've already mentioned, I spent a lot of time plotting out where the plots would go, so it was easy to place. That said, I did have a mini freak out when I realized I may have placed the patterns down in the wrong spaces... and this was after I placed Flora's new location...  Hopefully it's fine - I did look at it again, and again, and again - but I'm not going to know if it's all evenly spaced once I place a few more plots. Fingers crossed!

My favorite part of the day - me time! Once all my daily duties have completed, I like to take some time out for myself to get some things done. Most of today was spent laying patterns and everything (I'm sure you know that by now, this is the third time I've mentioned it!), but I couple of interesting things did happen in between.

I stopped by Resident Services to redeem my Nook Miles for a Nook Miles Ticket, where Nook stopped me for a minute... If Project K was going to become a reality, we really needed to improve the Island. To do this, he's enlisted Isabelle to survey the residents of Nublar and get their feedback on how the Island is going, to give us an overall rating. Currently, we sit at a horrid 1-star, though thankfully Isabelle gave me suggestions on how to improve. Today, she mentioned placing more plots of land to bring more Villagers to Nublar, luckily I've placed one down already, and I probably could lay down a couple more, but after my mini heart attack with Flora, I want to see how it looks tomorrow before setting anything else in stone.

With that out the way, I bought my daily Nook Miles Ticket, but the Island I went to wasn't too shabby. Now that I had a house plot laid down, Villagers would start appearing on Mystery Tour again, and Broffina was on this Island. I didn't invite her since I'd already got Plucky, and I didn't take a picture, cause quiet frankly, I forgot.

Something I forgot to mention earlier, when we were looking for Giant Clam Shells along the beach, Gulliver had washed up again. He seemed to remember us (so he should, we've helped him twice already!), and heard his usual tale. We found all 5 parts with ease, and sent him on his way. We should receive a reward tomorrow, I hope it's a good one!

Finally, to finish off our day, Tucker taught us the Sorrow Reaction, which was a nice treat. Up until this point, if my memory is correct, we've learned every Reaction from Rory thus far, so it was nice to receive a little something from Tucker. We also stopped by Plucky's house, who was busy working away at building an Iron Garden Bench. She gave us the DIY recipe for it, and whilst I haven't crafted it yet, I can see it having a place on Nublar.

As for the minor things today, Turnip prices were low, 87 in the morning, and 110 in the afternoon. This is how they started off last week, and I was hoping they'd go up in prices... but we all know how that turned out. It's still early days though, so here's hoping we get better luck this week. I also stopped by Olaf's house, and even though I don't like him, given the mood of his wallpaper and flooring, it looks like he might have a cool house.

Most of what I did today was just placing patterns to make my life easier for when I continue moving these buildings tomorrow. Honestly, it's not something you want to see - there are patterns and items everywhere, it's a mess!

As for the site, I updated the Bug/Fish guides, and I'm working on a Camping guide, but I need to test out the amiibo/Campsite mechanics a little more. Hopefully it wont take too long!As always, you can check out our guides by clicking the link in the header, and follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date. I'm back at work tomorrow, so things will go back to being slower than usual, but it worked out well last week, I'm sure this week will go smoothly.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons from Nintendo AU 


  1. I really enjoy reading your blogs! Your island is really progressing.
    I have also taken a few mystery tours now, but so far nothing interesting has happened (after 10+ tours). I was wondering, have you ever seen an island with non-native fruit?


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