Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 9

It was a new day, which meant Nook's Cranny was open, and it was time to sell all those Scorpions. I had a full inventory, par the Net space, which totalled 39 Scorpions all up. I earned 312,000 Bells in return, which is pretty good, and considering the renovations I want to do on Nublar, that's sure going to come in handy.

Once I'd sold my Scorpions it was time to check out the Campsite that had just been built. I attended the ceremony and the usual crew rocked up to celebrate its completion. Sadly, the Campsite was vacant today, but I'm really hoping that all changes tomorrow. Whilst I was there I also held the ceremony for the Bridge.

Mabel was also at the plaza once again, but she didn't really have much of interest this time around. I still ended up buying everything in hopes to convince her to open shop in Nublar, but it didn't happen today. Hopefully next time time she'll decide to!

Most people are probably wondering what happened with the Turnips I bought last Sunday... Well, I had work early so I wasn't able to check the AM prices, and sadly the PM prices were a measly 60 Bells... I didn't want to fall short of a profit, so I headed to the internet to try find another Island I could sell to. I managed to find someone who had them going for 189 Bells, so I hopped on the plane to Moonlight to sell my Turnips, which gave me 80,050 Bells all up. Not bad, and I met my 50% profit margin, so I can't complain really. Not sure if I'm going to buy any when Daisy Mae visits tomorrow, though.

Rory and Plucky were after my attention yet again. This time, Rory taught me the Shocked Reaction, and Plucky gave me the DIY Recipe for a Dark Wooden-Mosaic Wall. Probably not going to end up crafting it, though.

I made the decision to stop working on expanding my house (for now), and instead working on upgrading Nublar. First step, working on moving the buildings! You'll see what I'm planning in the coming days, but I want to try keep all the Resident Houses together, so I started with moving Rory's house slightly to the left. It cost me 50,000 Bells to move his house - so that means it's going to cost a tonne to move everything - but I'm sure once this is all done, Nublar will be looking great!

Just as I thought the day was slowing down, Celeste appeared in the evening. I hadn't seen her around before, and she was more than happy to tell me all about the night sky. She even gave me a DIY Recipe for a Star Wand which should come in handy, though I'm currently lacking the materials to craft it. I need Star Fragments, so at least I know what those do now (luckily I didn't discard the one I found earlier!). Now I've just gotta wait for another meteor shower.

To finish off the day I once again hit up the Mystery Tours. I thought I ended up on Trash Island for the third time, but there were actually a lot of Giant Water Bugs in the river, so I decided to fill up my inventory. All up, I grabbed 70,000 Bells for them, which isn't too bad, and will sure come in handy with developing Nublar.

Back on the Island I wanted to try get a head start for the busy weekend ahead, so purchased some DIY recipes from the Nook Stop that I want to place around Nublar. I grabbed the Fountain, Stone Tablet, and Destinations Sign.

That wraps up today. Like I said, the next two days should be a lot heavier due to not having to work, and they're going to be very jam packed with all the renovations I plan on doing - I might even get started on some tonight, even though I'm quiet literally falling asleep as I'm typing this.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest news, guides, and information be sure to follow us on Twitter and TumblrThey held a mini Direct last night that went over their plans for the next month which you can check out here. I've also got a couple more guides in the works which I hope to post over the weekend!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons from Nintendo AU 


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