Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 13

As expected, there wasn't an April Fools event going on today. But to an even bigger surprise, there was absolutely nothing to acknowledge it... No letter in the mail, no gag gift, not even a message on the Bulletin Board (of which, hasn't even been used since I came to Nublar)... It's a little disheartening especially since all the effort they put into April Fools in New Leaf, here's hoping it's something they've got planned for another year at least. Fortunately, the Bunny Day event had officially started, so it's not like we started the new month on bad terms.

In my letterbox was the Monarch Butterfly model Flick made for me. I did try give him some more bugs last night, but looks like he'll only take one commission at a time. It makes sense I guess - but I'll be looking forward to his next visit since there's a fair few I'd like! The model itself actually looks really nice.

Since it was now the third day, I once again scanned Hornsby in, and as I hoped, third time was the charm, and he'll be packing up his things and moving to Nublar. I laid down an extra plot earlier, so that'll be where he's moving in! I did want to move Nook's Cranny next to the Able Sisters as well, but I ran out of time and didn't get around to doing that.

I stopped by the Able Sisters, but they didn't really have anything noteworthy. I also paid a visit to Nublar's newest resident, Hopper. His wallpaper and flooring is pretty cool (oh damn, unintentional pun), I really hope the rest of his house follows that theme! Isabelle also gave us some really good feedback regarding our Islands evaluation.

We also had a few visitors today, Saharah in the morning, and Wisp during the night. Saharah's ware weren't anything great. Out of the rugs, the small one I already had, and the medium/large ones were just way too vibrant for the style of my house. The wall was kind of cool I guess, actually, thinking about it now, I might actually end up using it. The best reward was the moss floor I got, not sure if she was selling this, or I got it from the tickets though. I've always liked this floor, but I've overused it in previous games I don't really want to use it again here. The other floor I got isn't anything too crash hot, either.

As for Wisp, it was his usual story, this time he thought we were another ghost though. I really don't know how he got that impression since we walked directly up to his face when we spoke to him... Maybe he was just spooked by the Stone Statue that kind of looks like a memorial grave? Anyway, we grabbed his Spirits and brought them back to him, this time opting to receive something I didn't have, nabbing us some autograph cards.

The Turnip front had gone down again. Thankfully I sold mine at yesterdays incredible price! I decided to change up my look as well, at least just for now, and managed to craft the Star Wand due to a meteor shower that happened after yesterdays post. The Star Wand lets you register outfits from your closet, and then change into them without needing the clothing items in your inventory, providing you have the Wand on you. It's a pretty nifty feature that I'd love to check out when I've collected a few more outfits.

I originally was going to include my Bunny Day experience here, but it's getting late and I have work very early tomorrow, so I think the best thing to do is omit that, and then include a mini-blog post tomorrow after work that goes over Bunny Day. I did write up a guide for the event earlier today, so if you wanna check that out just click the image below. Keep your eyes peeled for a follow up post that focuses on Bunny Day!


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