Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Weekly Update #2 (May/June)

Yes, I know I said I'd do these on a weekly/biweekly basis, but some things have come up that made that difficult. Anyway, here's everything that's happened in Nublar from the end of May (18th) through to mid-June (15th). Hopefully once I get these posts on track we can get back to the original plan of weekly updates. If you've also been playing daily since launch, today marks 100 days on your Island - congrats to everyone whose reached that milestone

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International Museum Day!
This was something I mentioned in the previous update, where I said it'd get it's own post (spoilers, it didn't), so I'll include it here instead. It's a nice little stamp rally that lasted for a couple of days mid-May. You had to go to each exhibit (minus the Art Gallery) and find a three special stamp spots. Finding all three stamp spots in each exhibit gave us a nice little wall plaque of that section of the Museum. We could complete the rally each day the event was running for duplicate of the same rewards, but I elected to only complete it once - save the rewards for Nublar's other residents!

Surprisingly, I didn't learn a lot this time around, they were definitely few and far between. Sure enough, I've actually almost completed my reactions list, only missing a handful!

We didn't have a lot of villagers move out, much to my surprise. Both Ike and  Plucky moved out, and we had Freya and Pekoe move in. Freya actually asked if I wanted her to move out today, and I really considered letting her go, I don't have that much of an emotional attachment to her, but she's not the most hideous villager I've seen, and she really hasn't been here that long so I decided to let her stay.

Outside the weekly visits from Leif, Label, Kicks and whatnot; I've literally only had Gulliver once, and Redd twice, which is a real shame. Of course, I still had a few visits from Wisp and Celeste, but these two are the ones I'm mostly after. I did have Hazel visit the Campsite, and I did consider letting her move in, since I'd now met her twice, but I still feel like she already had her time in New Leaf... maybe in a few months.

Wedding Season
June marked the months of Weddings, and it was up to us to help Reese and Cyrus celebrate their wedding anniversary. We've already made an in-depth guide about it here, so instead I'll just include a few of the set pieces I came up with. They're not that great, but they got the job done at least.

Snow Day!
As winter was rolling around, towards the end of May and start of June I was praying we'd finally have some snow falling on the ground. Isabelle even teased us one morning saying that we had out first snow fall, but outside it was nothing more than a thick fog. It wasn't until the 11th we finally had enough snow on the ground to play with. Now we're talking!

Now that the snow had fallen, it opened up a lot more opportunities for us - mostly the ability to build Snowboy's! Unlike in New Leaf, the rest of the Snow family has been left behind, and we only have the Snowboy this time around. Make him perfect, he'll give you a DIY recipe, and a large snowflake. You can keep coming back to him each day until he melts for a large snowflake, too. Don't worry, I'll write up a guide with all the winter events much like I did for the fall!

Not really upgrades per say, but what I've been working on now is actually developing Nublar. I know I've said that countless times, but this time I've really been working on little pockets around the Island and want to get as much areas done up as possible. I've included a few little pictures below, as well as an updated map photo. I also moved my house to the area the fountain was, and The Museum to the old spot my house was in. I'm pretty happy with these moves, it makes Nublar flow much better.

Site Updates
I've written a guide that goes over the Fall Events, as well as one on Celeste and Gulliver, and have updated the Nook Miles guide with all tasks + rewards. Like I said, I plan on writing one that goes over the Winter Events sometime in the near future. If you want quicker updates as to what's going on, feel free to join our discord server!

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